Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Let me introduce you...

to my beautiful niece Kelly...

Kelly is the youngest daughter of my Worthy Goods partner Debbie.
Which makes Debbie my sister-in-law in case you were wondering...
Kelly lives in the Pacific NW with her husband and two gorgeous children,  Annabelle and Sawyer Berkeley.

Kelly is also an amazing children's pastor.
She has a positive spirit and an infectious joy!

Not only is she a hard worker but crazy, creative too!
  When Worthy Goods first started Kelly was our merchandising guru, coming to our Barn House events and teaching us a trick or two.  I have learned much from this beautiful young woman!

Kelly & Aunt Laurie Barn House Flea 2010
Kelly has recently added a new passion to her life...

She is a proponent of a healthy lifestyle but feels that everyone should be able to have a treat and enjoy it!  Thus, a line of fabulous bite sized cupcakes was born.  They are small, full of flavor and oh so satisfying!  
 Guilt free bites of heaven! 

Nothing but the finest ingredients go into these little gems.

Because Kelly is, well, Kelly she starts at the top...
 will be debuting these soon- to- be- famous little bites of heaven at none other than
this Saturday, April 23.

Barn House presents
Vintage Country Marketplace
new to Barn House...
 bella berkeley cupcakes
Saturday, April 23
9:00 - 3:00
free admission

Come join the fun, meet Kelly, and try one of these guilt free bites of heaven for yourself!   Shopping and eating...  
A perfect combination.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

for the love of fabric

definition:  cloth, material
synonyms: bolt, fiber, goods, textile 

Fabric has been a constant love in my life.  The colors, textures, patterns and endless choices can keep me in fabric store heaven for hours!  

One long time love is linen.  The natural fiber of linen and the beautiful way it drapes is perfect for clothes, bedding, aprons, accessories, pillows...

I would like to introduce you to the Chelsea pillow...   The Chelsea pillow is a romantic pillow made with a lovely white linen.  The pop of color adds a little touch of sunshine!

More linen creations...
full size headboard upholstered in linen
slip-covered linen footstool
linen slip-covered drum shade pendant

Cotton is also a great fabric to work with.  It's crisp and easy to handle.  This apron was made with a vintage cotton sheet.  

The linen and cottons above are great neutrals but there's always room for a little color...

mustard/taupe three piece sofa
Hope you enjoyed the show and tell...

Most of the above items can be found at the Monticello Home and Garden Show.  For more pics and sneak peeks click on the link...Worthy Goods.