Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Face Lift

Face lift?

Not  for me.

For my house.

We built our home in 1995. 
We love our house but it was looking a little tired. 
Or maybe we were tired of looking at it!

Last summer several weeks were spent giving her a little makeover.

A face lift.

This is our home before.

Each of these photos were taken during some type of storm. 
The sky really was this dark and the sun was shining on the other side.

And after.

What did we do?


Wrapped the posts.

Removed railing.

New front door.

Painted the deck.

New garage doors.

Replaced some siding.

new door construction
There were many conversations and paint samples for the porch posts.
Black or white?
We painted one of each on the front porch and the black seemed to disappear.
It was however, super sexy!
We found a great compromise...

We chose black for the breezeway and white for the main house.

Love them both!

During construction...

Almost finished!