Saturday, August 30, 2008

Finished Projects!!!

I am a quilter. When we quilters actually finish a quilt, label and all... Well, I'm sure fire works and celebrations go off somewhere in the stratosphere!!!

I recently finished this quilt. It is called a $5 dollar quilt (should be the $5 million dollar quilt)...

This is how a $5 dollar quilt works. You sign up for the class at a local quilt shop. You go in once a month and get a pattern, instructions and enough fabric for the blocks you are working on. All of this for $5 (one time, like for the whole thing). You can miss one class, but if you miss another you have to pay $5 to get back in. So your $5 quilt can turn into a $30 quilt if you miss too many classes! Then you pay for the borders and backing fabric and someone to quilt it for you (that's how it turns into the $5 million dollar quilt). Still it's a fun way to get a quilt done.

Here's the finished product...

There is a saying in quilt land... "It's not a quilt until it's labeled"... A label is what gives the quilt 'provenance' or a point of origination. So if someday the owner of this quilt wants to know it's history, the label helps with this. That was your quilt lesson for the day!!!

This quilt was donated to a recent family reunion and is now being enjoyed by cousin Jill. I'm so happy she won the quilt and it's resting safely in it's new home...

Monday, August 11, 2008

Haulin' Aspen Half Marathon!

We did it!!! Gary and I ran the Haulin' Aspen half marathon on Sunday, August 10 which also happens to be our 23rd wedding anniversary. We thought it was a great way to start our next twenty three years together. The race was located at Shevlin Park in beautiful Bend, Oregon. The course was challenging but very scenic. There was a 1300 ft. elevation gain on the course (which only translates one way: hills...) but it was manageable and we finished well.

My sister Sis and brother-in-law Stuart, their friend (and now ours) Heather, and my brother Tim all ran as well. My sister-in-law Nancy is training for the Portland to Coast and used the time to get in a great training walk! Sis and Stuart ran the Crater Lake Half Marathon the day before! Now that's impressive!

We had all kinds of things to celebrate over the weekend. Our Anniversary, Gary's birthday, Stuart's birthday, back to back half marathons, Gary's first half marathon and longest run ever, good health, life, love etc. etc...

Pictured from left to right: Heather, Laurie, Gary, Sis, Stuart, Nancy, Tim. This was before the race. It was a little chilly!

These were all taken before the race...

Don't party too hard the night before a race because you have to get up really early the next morning to drive somewhere and catch a shuttle... Just bear with me on this post, I want you to get the full race experience and if you get through this whole blog there is a big prize at the end (not really, but keep going).

Having a great time on the 7:30am shuttle! Our driver was a kick! It was nice to have superior entertainment on the way to Shevlin Park.

We made it!!! Whoohoo!!!

Post race celebrating... (from left to right: Stuart, Sis, Gary, Laurie, Tim)


Sis and Stuart, the back to back half marathoners. Lookin' good!!!

Here's to new adventures... CHEERS!!!