Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Kindness & Sock Creatures

I was listening to an audio book the other day. There were alot of good lessons in the book but the one that really stood out was this. Kindness. The idea was to start noticing acts of kindness that happen in your day. I tried it and realized that my focus became more positive. I appreciated the small kind things others do on a daily basis. An attitude of gratefulness has begun to creep in...

What do sock creatures have to do with kindness? Nothing really! Except this pair just look like they really like each other. They look like buddies, best buds, good friends. I think they would practice kindness on a daily basis. What do you think? (more on these sock creatures in my next post)!

What acts of kindness did you witness or participate in today?


brittany said...


did you make those? they are adorable! it is funny to read about your recognizing acts of kindness because when i think of you, i think of all the acts of kindness you are always doing for others, it is something you are so good at.

Heidijayhawk said...

thanks for leaving a comment on my blog! sock creatures make me happy. that's kindness in and of itself!

simpledaisy said...

What a nice post!! It seems lately that there are fewer acts of kindness...but they are still out there!!

linnea said...

These are so dear :o)
Thank you so much for visiting my blog Laurie!