Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Grain Sacks. Linen. Rusty-Crusty Iron.

Three of my favorite things.

Projects seem to be a constant activity around here. It's hard to resist a gorgeous bolt of white linen or yards and yards of antique hemp linen. The project factor has been ramped up with the Home and Garden Show at Monticello right around the corner.

Would you like to see a few of these projects?

I thought so.

First up is a chair that had good lines but really bad upholstery. It has been given new life with my very favorite fabric of all fabrics.

Antique hemp linen straight from Europe. It's almost painful making that first cut into this precious fabric. I love this chair and am having a hard time parting with it.

Jute felt right for the back.

What should I show you next...

How about this ottoman slip covered in white linen.

Here is a sweet pillow using the same white linen.

Group shot.

Today's project is making a cushion for this gorgeous garden bench.
The patina on her is perfectly rusty, crusty and chippy.

Pictures will be posted soon!

These are just a few of the projects underway. I will post more as we get closer to the show.

The Home and Garden Show starts April 6. The vendors are so talented and are working hard to create a gorgeous show for you. If you are in the Portland area or planning a road trip, come and see us!

for more information.

Thanks for looking!


Chelsea said...

It all looks so beautiful, Mom! You're amazing! You have so much... swagger...

Kathy said...

everything looks great! All my favorites as well, keep on sewing :))

L said...

I agree, Laurie you cannot even contain your swag! Great sewing, love everything! Hugs :)