Monday, June 16, 2008



"Be the change you wish to see in the world."--Mahatma Gandhi --Class of 2008

This is Jake. He is our sweet, fat old lab (we call him fatty). He has been part of our family since Chelsea was in pre-school and he wanted to be the first to congratulate you on a job well done!!!

Grad party on Sunday...

Good job Chelsea we are all so proud of you...

Congratulations Chelsea!!!


Anonymous said...

Yeah Chelsea! I remember when we were pregnant with her (and Cody) and had lunch at Red Robin, now look at them.

Laurie Melberg said...

Congratulations again Chels! You have grown into a beautiful woman inside and out and we love you so much! Thanks Gary and Laurie for another fabulous afternoon. Love, Laurie

udyjk said...

I am so proud of Chelsea. She is a blessing to our family. She was an outstanding high school student and will be an outstanding Uof O student in the fall!

I was proud of my beautiful granddaughter as she marched in with her class and then as she received her diploma. And the family party on Sunday was great.

I am always happiest when I am with my kids and grandkids. And my oldest granddaughter, Tami, announced her engagement and showed us her beautiful engagement ring. She and Charles will be married next summer. We have come to love Charles.
Thanks for a great weekend Miller's!!

Laurie, your blog is FABULOUS!! You are incredibly creative in so many ways and I love that you are sharing some of it with the world via the internet.

Proud grandma and mom,

Anonymous said...

My favorite thing ever and which stood out to me the most was that wonderful picture of Jake. I love that dog. :) And congrats Chelsea. I'm so proud of you. I see rivalry in the future.. considering I'm a Beaver fan.. shh. :) I'm commenting because 3 is a sad number. But hey- 4 is much better.
Love you lots! Your blogs very creative:)

Jessica Melberg

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