Saturday, January 3, 2009

Happy New Year!!!

Resolutions, I'm not so sure about... Making changes, moving forward; always good. How do you approach the New Year? Do you make a list of resolutions or goals. Or do you take it as it comes?

I think I've done it all, but mostly I like to approach the New Year with some worthwhile goal or change. It's exciting, gets the blood moving, keeps me young etc...

We started taking a more relaxed approach by taking a step back and looking at what life was saying to us. For two years the theme that presented itself was "New Things." Just having this mindset opened us up to trying new experiences and saying "yes" to opportunities that have come our way. These are not just big things but small or seemingly inconsequential things too! Like running a half marathon together or going to Vegas for the first time (yes it's true, I'd never been there)!!! Taking my first ski lesson. Even trying a new quilting technique and turning an acquaintance into a friend.

The theme that seems to be presenting itself this year comes in three words. Passion. Revitalize. Restore.

After looking up the definitions and the synonyms for these words I found that they intertwined: Passion-strong interest, drive, enthusiasm. Revitalize - to impart renewed energy and strength to. Restore - to rouse from a state of inactivity or quiescence. Reactivate, reawaken, rekindle, resuscitate, revivify. (Go to if you want to look up your own words).

Do you see a common theme here? What verbs, nouns or adjectives are presenting themselves to you? Pay attention to a common thread that keeps popping up in your life. How can you incorporate these to make your life richer, full of purpose, more exciting?

Wishing you a New Year full of adventure...


Kindred Spirit Soap Co. said...

Happy New Year Laurie. Glad your back. Julie

littlebyrd said...

Hey Laurie,
I love what you've written about resolutions. I think my theme is slow down. I am already making changes to do so. I want to spend more time with my family, keep the house a little tidier and make home cokked meals for them. I want to see my friends and relax a little more. Happy 2009!

brittany said...

Happy New Year to you!! You make some very good points, I'm still working on my whole new years approach so your thoughts are very helpful and inspiring.

happy zombie said...

What a beautiful and inspiring post Laurie! Happy New Year to you, and I'm so glad we've met! I hope one day we can meet IRL... maybe even have a sewing day!

PS... I love the new look of your blog. It's SO YOU... very classic and hip!

linnea said...

I loved reading about your thoughts & theme. It's great to pay attentions to those little patterns. Take care :o)

little cottage said...

Happy New Year to you & yours!
I am so looking forward to "playtime" again, at the BH sales :o)))

Barn House said...

We were supposed to be working on our "2009 list" for the past several weeks..we'll keep you updated. :o)

robin bird said...

there seem to be two words that keep moving to the forefront for me. one is focus and the other is wings. i at first thought they might be trying to go in opposing directions but i am now convinced i can find a sort of harmony for them in my life. flying with intent... like the bird who goes south or the dove that mates for life. i'm not sure yet but they are both very important this year as verbs and as nouns :)


thanks for making me think!