Thursday, August 5, 2010

Grand Opening

the ultimate, above all, the best, top, something that nothing is better than 

perfectly descriptive of a new salon that found it's way into historic downtown oregon city
  proprietress tami grabinski is holding a grand opening this friday and invited worthy goods to be part of the festivities

 congratulations tami
 Love you bunches,


gretchen said...

what's the address????

gretchen said...

never mind! found them on line...hope to be there to see your treasures!

seabold vintage market said...

You all have been very busy given that Barn House Flea was just last week :) The Salon display looks fantastic!!

and yes - the tooth fairy did stop by the house the other day :) So glad you stopped by! . . . liz

Amber said...

That is the cutest Salon! I love the exposed brick. I wish all these cute little places weren't so far away!
Thanks for sharing Laurie!

Hugs to you! Amber

benilhalk said...

Happy to know about this grand opening. Recently I attended an opening ceremony at one of Seattle venues. It was antique store opening. Many people were invited there and I went there with my sister and few friends. Superb arrangements were done and had a great time there.