Thursday, November 11, 2010


shop: to visit a shop or shops in search of goods with the intention of buying them.
opportunity: a favorable, appropriate, or advantageous combination of circumstances.
 Webster's and spell check do not recognize this little word, but we do!  Take a look at what's happening this weekend...

Molly Mo's is hosting their 5th annual Holiday Treasures show in Sublimity, Oregon
Join them for an enchanted evening of early shopping & nibbles  
Friday, Nov 12th 5pm - 8pm, $5 admission
 Saturday, Nov 13th 9am - 3pm, free admission

photos from Molly Mo's
 The very talented Martha of Vintage Trifles will be there too!
photos from Vintage Trifles
is hosting their annual Holiday Open House
 The Holiday Open House begins
Friday, November 12 
Saturday, November 13
The first 50 customers on Friday will receive a free gift!
They will be serving yummy apple cider and kettle corn!
Dealer Sales will go through Sunday, November 14!

Happy Shopping!


Ticking and Toile said...

Awesome! I didn't realize all this was going on this weekend. It was so great to see you and Debbie yesterday....I'm really looking forward to getting together after the holidays. :) Talk soon!

Chelsea said...

Oooh, I hope I get to go to a few!

Amber said...

Shopportunity.... I love it! I will put that in my personal Webster's dictionary. :)

Molly Mo's said...

Thank you Laurie for the post on our show - we had an awesome sale!


MODERN Prairie Girl said...

I totally missed out, Laurie! I've been so slammin' fun for me lately :(

I'm sad to say that I will be out of town (for something fun, funny enough---the Seaside Soiree' art conference in S.D.) on the weekend of the cookie exchange. So sad to miss it! I will be there next year.

Ticking and Toile said...

Hi Laurie,
Can I just tell you how totally amazing the Worthy Goods booth looks?????? Holy cow ~ I've never seen anything so spectacular. My daughter & I had to run in and pick up something yesterday & could not leave your booth. We were mesmerized. It was magical....and warm...the chandeliers, wood, animal pelts, silver, ironstone, oh it was just fabulous. You guys are truly so talented and creative. I wish my whole house looked like that. Loved the spoons on the tree, the white vintage Christmas trees, the silver punchbowl, the STOCKINGS!! All of it!