Monday, October 17, 2011

Here's What's Up...

We have all asked or been asked this question in many forms...

What's up?
What's new?
What's happening?
What have you been up to?

The standard response to this simple yet slightly unsettling question?

"Not much, what have you been up to?"

What's up seems to require a bit more than the typical answer.
Why not take this as a challenge?  Think of something interesting to say.  Keep in mind that the person asking  may not expect or want a lengthy response. 

So the challenge here is to give a good answer. A little tidbit of information while staying within the social parameters of the question.

In other words keep it simple. 

Next time someone asks you what's up, what will you say?

By the way...

What's up? (I just had to ask)...


Little Cottage said...

Thanks for asking:
Just had a sale that cleared out lots of space in my house! Getting in NEW furniture, so now I'm looking to stores and NOT garage, estate or auctions anymore. Yay, I'm jumping up & down :o)
What's up with you??

Chelsea said...

You're so cute! I'm looking at birthday presents for Kaden :)