Monday, May 12, 2008

First post!

This is my very first post! I am excited about this new adventure in blog land. This would not be possible without the invaluable help of my daughter Chelsea (pictured on the left). Chelsea will be heading off to college this fall, so her replacements are in our hands! The chick on the left is Jane and I'm holding Tulip. I'm sure you will be meeting their six sisters soon...

It's obvious that chickens are loved around here. I really didn't like them that much when the kids were little. Chelsea wanted chickens, so we got chickens. After a few years Chelsea didn't want chickens but her younger brother Blake was up for the challenge. Soon, Blake wasn't so thrilled with them. Between coyotes, old age and whatever our chicken flock began to dwindle and we were chicken free! After about 6 months with no chickens and no eggs, I realized that I actually missed them!

So on March 4, Chelsea and I went to our favorite feed store and came home with eight adorable chicks. Now it's my turn to be in charge of the chickens!

Thanks for reading my first post! I hope you visit soon and often. Comments are welcome.


brittany said...

welcome to the wonderful world of blogging!! i'm so excited to see all the amazing stuff you post. and i love the chicken names!

udyjk said...

I love your A View from the Coop!
You and Chelsea have done a great job!
I look forward to the next View and I really like getting to know more about your quilting friends.


caught up in stitches said...

you are marvelous. now i need your help. i'm so glad that we are your friend.

anywhere_Smile said...

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