Thursday, May 15, 2008

Quilt Day!

Quilt day is a great day! Once a month a group of us get together for a day of quilting. Or in this case, a field trip. We visited Cool Cottons on Hawthorne (in Portland) and went to lunch at a great little restaurant down the street.

I love this group of friends because we all share a passion for quilting, but more importantly, we share life. We have shared everything from advice on how to manage menopause (for some of us!), to raising our kids, to empty nest, the loss of loved ones, to what border would look best on a quilt. What makes our group work is the consistency. Quilt day is something each of us looks forward to.

Pictured clockwise from the bottom right is Jolyn. Jolyn was my very first quilt teacher. The great thing about her teaching style is that she teaches us not to fear mistakes! And if you make one, work around it! We have been friends for about 5 years now.

Next to Jolyn is Sherryl. She is the newest member of the bunch. She is an excellent quilter, I'll make sure to post some of her work. I met Sherryl while I was working at a local quilt shop. We didn't know each other really well but always seemed to connect when she came in. I didn't want to lose touch with her, so after leaving the shop I called her up and we went out to lunch. We sat and talked for four hours! ( I was really stepping out on limb calling her, what if she didn't remember me, or thought that I was weird). I'm glad I did, I feel like I've known her forever!

Next is Laurie, we have been friends since college and have shared many family vacations together with her husband and three kids. Our children have grown up together and are like brothers and sisters. Our husbands have known each other since high school! We share alot of history!

Next to Laurie is Cathy. I have known Cathy since young adulthood. We met at church and became friends. Cathy and her husband and three kids moved out of the area for about 11 years and have just recently returned. We're glad they're back!

Next to Cathy is Me (Laurie).

Next to me is Susan. Susan was my second quilt teacher and we have been friends for about 3 or 4 years. Susan is one of the most talented quilters on the planet! Her specialty is hand applique and she hand quilts her quilts! She even finishes them! I'll make sure to post some of her beautiful work.

Not pictured is my beautiful sister-in-law Debbie. We share a love of chickens, quilting, running, garage sale hopping on weekends and alot more! I am blessed to have such a great sister-in-law

So that's what quilt day is all about. We do celebrate birthdays too! More about that later...


Karen P said...

I am so glad you decided to blog. Kylee and all her friends do it, but now you are paving the way for us "older" girls. :)
I love that you had the picture as I hadn't seen Cathy in a long time. Tell her hi for me.
Keep posting, I love seeing what you are up to. I will send you Kylee's blog too.

udyjk said...

thank you for the suprise.and the pictures they were good and the bag holders they were cool.
love faith luke and rebecca.

anywhere_Smile said...

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