Friday, May 16, 2008

Morning Run

Well, we did it. We had a good run this morning. For some reason we fell off the wagon and didn't run much the past two weeks. When I refer to "we" I mean my husband (Gary) and I.

When Gary and I run together the view I have is Gary's back. He's just faster than me. I've stopped fighting it. I used to make little goals to keep up with him for at least the first mile or two. But I've decided that I'm a penguin. If you've ever read Runner's World Magazine you'll know who I'm talking about. The Penguin is slow but he gets the job done and has a good time doing it!

I can't say it's always a good time, but I do get the job done! Which brings me to the next thing.

My sister is the one who inspired a running post today. She lives in the Columbia River Gorge and has great running options out there. So this morning she is running up to Crown Point, she turns the corner and here is this glorious view of the gorge and as if on cue her i-pod starts playing 'Morning has Broken' by Cat Stevens. Does it get better than that?

How about you? Do you have any stunning, running moments?


maureenchilds said...

Wow - I made the blog! You're right, I had a fabulous run this a.m. Always do. Remember just put your jog bra on and get out there! It sure is worth it. Also, tell Gary it's great he's out there too - we don't want him to have to also need a jog bra! Good morning - have a great day and Go Hillary! Love sis

brittany said...

i am impressed that the back of gary is still in view when you are running, ryan is out of sight within a few minutes! good job laurie.

Anonymous said...

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