Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Barn House was Great!!!

The Barn House Sale was fantastic! Debbie and I had such a great time with all of the vendors and everyone who showed up for the sale. The first few hours were fast and furious it was a buying frenzy out there!!! Thanks to all of you wonderful people who visited Worthy Goods, you are great!!!

These are just a few pictures I was able to take before my camera battery died. If you want to see more then go to the blog of my good friend little byrd and check it out!

Mark your calendar for October 18th. Barn House will be having their season finale, 'Gothic Harvest' in collaboration with Queen of Tarte . They are both incredibly talented and it's going to be Out of this World Fabulous!!!


brittany said...

it looks like so much fun! i wish i could have been there..

Barn House said...

Hey Suga!! It was such a joy spending the day with you!! You, Debbie and Kelly did a beautiful job on your space! Thanks for everything...and we can't wait see see you again soon!

Kelly said...

Hey! I love you and I am so so so thankful for this gift of working with you and my mom! You are very special to me and I am praying for you right now! I know you are taking Chels to school, I can't imagine!

Love you!

littlebyRD said...

It was so wonderful doing the sale, wasn't it?! Your space looked brilliant!! So much talent you guys have. Can't wait to so our shopping outing.

happy zombie said...

Hi Laurie... thanks for leaving a comment on my blog... it lead me to yours!

We're (my girl gang) going to the Barn House on the 18th! I'm looking so forward to it!

HappyHalloween!!! said...

I'm so glad that Bree had Kaden okay! He looks adorable, can't wait to see him!!!! :D