Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Simply the Best

Cookbooks seem to be a weakness of mine.  I can be enticed with stunning photographs and the promise of a decadent dish.  Reading cookbooks...  a favorite past-time.  Can you relate to this obsession?

Dust Jacket Attic blog posted a fantastic review on a just released cookbook titled Simply the Best.   Here are a few of the enticing photos.  If you would like to read the full post click here.

The cookbook can be ordered here.

along with these...

I will be posting a new recipe on Thursday.  If you are joining me in the cooking challenge I posted here you still have a few days to give it a try!

Happy cooking,

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Modern Country said...

They all look tempting! I have a list of books on my wishlist, I read them as quick as a Interior magazine :)

Thank you for your lovely comment the other day, I hope you have a nice Autumn where you live also.

Friendly, Aina