Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Would you like to see my dining room?

Almost exactly a year ago I blogged about painting my dining room gray.  You can read the post here

Since that post I have hung new curtains.  Purchased and returned three different rugs, finally choosing to skip the rug.  Moved the wine bar out, moved it back in.  Moved the buffet to where the wine bar was and finally moving the buffet back to its original spot.  Replaced the mirror with a great vintage cabinet.  Decorated and redecorated.  Purchased and hung a gorgeous chandelier.

After all of this, I just couldn't seem to get it right.  Then, a few weeks ago I found the perfect dining chairs on sale at World Market.  The chairs are big, upholstered and comfy.   Our dining room went from a lonely room that rarely had visitors to a place where we eat dinner most evenings, hang out and catch up on the day.  We love it!

comfy chairs
Vintage cabinet
Wine bar.  The picture needs to be lowered.  What do you think?
Chandelier.  Love the vintage feel with the modern twist.

Because of my decorating ADHD, I still want to change a few things.  That's the fun part!

Thanks for looking,



I love everything about it! So chic with that gray and white color scheme going on. You have great style!


Little Cottage said...

Absolutely GREAT!
I love it all and now you have sent me off to World Market, in my chase of new furniture :o)

brittany said...

love it!! can you come decorate my house now?

❀ⒹⒺⒺ❀@ A Lapin Life said...

Your dining room is beautiful!
I love those chairs and the chandelier is so pretty.


A Touch of Country said...

stunning! i REALLY love the chairs and the vignette of stacked plates and pitcher with silverware all nestled into a wooden box/tray.

You have great taste!


A Thing for Roses said...

Love it Laurie! Wouldn't expect anything less from you. You have such amazing style.

Meg said...

very beautiful dining room. great mix of vintage and modern. i agree about lowering the picture, will ground it more to the lamps and display.

Tammy Gilley said...

So pretty, Laurie! Makes me want to wander over for a cup of coffee and a slice of cake. :) xo said...

Love it, love it! Definitely magazine worthy!


Allie Cat said...

Looks beautiful Laurie!! But of course! :) Love the chandy w/ the shade over it! Love all the vignettes too...very worthy!;)


kerrie of sea cottage said...

Lovely. Grey has been the color for me for the past two years. It has found it's way into my art too. Most everything I paint is in a grey wash. Don't you just love World Market?! I don't recall seeing those chairs but they look great in your dining room. This is my first time visiting your now a follower. Oh almost forgot...the chandie is the best I've ever seen!

Anonymous said...

You have showcased your gorgeous dining room beautifully!!
Looking forward to seeing the great room pictures soon :)
I wonder which room will be trasnformed next?
Maybe Mom's dining room table will get refinished before that. lol
Love you

Junebug Furniture and Design said...


So Beautiful!


Glad & Cel